• 2023-06-12
  • Music

DAVETHAOWNER drops his latest single, “Addiee.” This dynamic track is a fusion of DAVETHAOWNER’s lyrical prowess and innovative production, creating a refreshing take on contemporary music. The music video is directed by ICARUS – adds a visually captivating dimension to the vibrant energy of the song.

DAVETHAOWNER’s meticulous rap ensures a polished auditory experience. “Addiee” invites listeners on a journey into a unique blend of sounds and artistic expression, promising to leave a lasting impression in the contemporary music scene.

The production credits go to Lil LJ, whose beats lay the foundation for DAVETHAOWNER’s lyrical prowess. The mixing and mastering by DAVETHAOWNER himself ensure that every beat and lyric resonates with precision, delivering a polished and immersive auditory journey.

The single is now available on major platforms. Join DAVETHAOWNER on this exciting musical exploration and immerse yourself in the creative synergy of “Addiee.”